How to create a disposable email account?

April 2018

How to create a disposable email account?

A disposable e-mail account allows you to send and receive mail using a temporary email address (active for short period of time). A disposable mail account can be used to register/login to websites that you don't trust or handle suspicious emails (prevent spam or virus infections).
Below is a list of free services allowing you to create a disposable email account


  • Spambox is an email inbox that can store all your incoming emails for a defined period of a time.


  • Yopmail allows you to create an email address without any subscription.

Tempomail for Firefox

  • Tempomail is a Firefox extension allowing you to create an email address valid for a define period of time.
  • Tempomail for Firefox.


  • 10minutemail allows the creation of a disposable address, valid for a period of 10 minutes.
  • 10minute


  • TrashMail allows you to create a temporary email account, to filter spam and suspicious messages. Messages can then be transferred to your current email address.


  • Create disponsable email addresses using the domain.


  • Spamgourmet requires the creation of an account. It will then allow you to create multiple disposable addresses.
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