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Publish online content for free

External communication a business can be facilitated via different online platforms. Indeed, the opportunities for publishing content on the Internet for free are numerous. Thus, professionals have a strong interest in being present on the internet, in order to optimize their communication strategy. Publishing content on the Internet is a winning strategy, and can generate subsequent traffic to your website.

What are the benefits for your business?

Publishing content over the Internet allows you to differentiate yourself from your competitors. Through your publications, your customers and future prospects will be informed of the actions taken by your company. The information published also improves your visibility on the web (SEO) and optimizes your positioning on search engines. Finally, you will be able to analyze the reactions and feedback from your readers.

Creation and distribution of content

You publications must be consistent and in line with the image of the company and its strategy. It is therefore preferable to choose an editorial line and stick to it. From a technical point of view, words, including the title and the "tags", must be carefully selected. SEO is an important aspect that will determine how easily your content can be accessed (visibility on search engine).


To facilitate the management of multiple accounts, it is advisable to have a valid and unique email address, in order to centralize all emails. It is the same for the nickname, it is better to use a single nickame for all accounts, to allow users to easily identify the author of a publication.

Free online platforms

Selecting the appropriate channel to publish your content is very important, in order to get a greater audience.

Social networks

Social networks like Facebook and Twitter are the most popular, and enable the development of targeted communities, where you can publish relevant content.
For a B2B audience, it is better to make use of professional social networks:.
You can subscribe to a premium account for additional features.

Video sharing platforms allows you to disseminate an audiovisual message effectively.


Create and distribute content easily with a blog. You will be able to provide regular updates about your business while maximizing your SEO.
Creating and publishing content still requires time and resources, which are to be taken into account in your budget.
An alternative exist: guest blogging. Submit articles to influential bloggers and enjoy their notoriety and dissemination to a wide audience.

Participatory websites

There are sites that allow you to participate to live events. You can submit your articles which will then be published on real online newspapers:

Another possibility is the creation of a Wikipedia page for your business.

Publishing press releases

These platforms are useful to multiply links to your website and sometimes appear in Google News results.

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