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E-Whoring (which could be translated by e-prostitution) is a scam phishing technique, where crooks pretend to be a pretty girl in order to swindled internet users (mostly men).

How does it works?

The principle is as follows:
  • The scammer creates one or more fake profiles of young girl with a "hot" picture;
  • The scammer tries to lure victims by mail, via a social network or dating sites by adding his victims as a friend.
  • Then he invites them to join a webcam conversation via a link to an online subscription form, for a third party service.
  • The scammer receives a commission for each validated form.

In extreme cases, the scammer calls the victim to undress in front of his webcam and finally blackmail him by threatening to publish this video on the internet.

How to protect yourself from E-Whoring?

  • If a girl you do not know, try to seduce you, be cautious.
  • If she is half naked, it's a scam.

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