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Emmabuntüs 2 (v 1.08) : Installation and first use

Emmabuntüs 2 (v 1.08) : Installation and first use

Emmabuntüs is based on Xubuntu 12.04 LTS. This distribution has been designed to extend the usability of "old" computers and promote the discovery of Linux and GNU.


This distribution contains all the software needed for a daily use. It is an efficient operating system running on simple machine configurations:
  • Processor : Intel or AMD (1.4 GHz minimum)
  • RAM : 512 MB minimum, 1 GB recommended (1 GB is the minimum required to run Emmabuntüs 2 in live mode)
  • Hard disk : 20 GB minimum
  • Video Card : nVidia, ATI, Intel, SiS, Matrox
  • Sound Card : Sound Blaster, AC97 or HDA compatible
  • Other : DVD drive or PC can boot from the USB port

You can run Emmabuntüs as a LiveDVD or install it on a USB key/hard drive.


The dock provides access to more than 60 software:

Change the level of the dock to suit the requirements of each user (Icon Help> Change type Dock)

Safe Browsing for all family members:

Simplified access to books, music, wikis:

Simplified access to educational suites:

Easy access to proprietary software:

Customize the desktop with XL-Wallpaper

Features of Emmabuntüs 2 (v 1.08)

  • Standalone installation (no internet connection required).
  • Installation of free and proprietary software (Flash Player, Codec, Skype, etc).
  • Parental control and anti-tracking tools included in the browsers.
  • 3 levels of use (Experienced, Beginners, Children).

Download and installation

Official website and download page:http://emmabuntus.sourceforge.net/
Wiki: http://emmabuntus.sourceforge.net/mediawiki/index.php/Main_Page

Burning the ISO files

Burn the .ISO image on a DVD.

Copy on USB

You must use a USB key with a minimum capacity of 4 GB.


View full installation guide for Emmabunrüs 2 (v 1.08): here.


Startup Screen:

Select your dock:

Non-free software that can be installed:

This includes the installation of software such as proprietary codecs, drivers, cards, etc..
To install Microsoft fonts you must have an active Internet connection:

Finalizing the installation of non-free software:

Now you can take full advantage of Emmabuntüs 2.

Configure Emmabuntüs 2 Parental settings

Example of a blocked site:

Open your web browser (In our example we will use Firefox, but Chromium is also available under Emmabuntüs 2).
  • Go to Tools -> Add-ons
  • Look for Block.si select and click on "Preferences"
  • Select the "Advance Filter" tab and go to the sub-tabs to block various categories.
    • Note: Under Emmabuntüs 2, by default everything is blocked except the "Business" and "Personal" categories.
  • Under the "Options" tab enable password protection, then fill-in your password and click "Save".

How to prevent the de-activation or removal of the extension?

To prevent users to disable extensions and in particular parental controls built into Firefox, please install the Public Fox expansion.

Configure this extension:

Protection of running extensions:

Uninstall Chromium

Chromium does not integrates the parental control feature. It is recommended that you uninstall Chromium to prevent your children from connecting to the Internet using this browser.
  • Open the Software Center: Maintenance > Software Center, and then type Chromium in the search box, then select Chromium in the search result and click the Delete button:
  • Click " Clear All":

You can also uninstall Chromium using the below command:
  • sudo apt-get remove chromium-browser  
  • Enter your password, and confirm the deletion.

Thanks to Jean-Marie and Patrick from Emmabuntüs.Org for this article.

A few words of thanks would be greatly appreciated.

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