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Becoming a community manager

«What makes brands influential is not their size, but their community», said Chuck Byrme, the leader of DDB worldwide (part of Omnicom Group Inc, the second largest global communications). This sentence legitimates the need for a community manager. The birth of participatory Web has been a major factor in the creation of this profession. The "Community Manager" term emerges in the United States. Indeed, brands are gradually becoming aware that communities speak for themselves. To manage this new form of dialogue, it was necessary to delegate this task to a single person: the community manager.

The Internet users have new habits in the act of purchase: forums and review websites, feedback on a product or brand: these comments serve as a guarantee of quality.
Communities are considered as references, they are accessed, read, appreciated. The role of community manager grows with the use of these communities.
  • Business schools
  • Communication
  • Humanities,
  • Marketing.
The job of community manager in addition to the academic qualifications, requires many skills and knowledge:
  • Solid knowledge of online communication;
  • Good knowledge of web monitoring tools;
  • Creation of multimedia content and writing skills;
  • Mastery of social media;
  • General culture and knowledge.
Community manager need to possess the following qualities:
  • Curiosity
  • Empathy,
  • Passion,
  • Adaptability.
The community manager is defined as the spokesperson for a brand, institution, business, a school ... and is positioned as a privileged interlocutor between the clients and the members of a communities. The community manager allows the customers to "speak" on specific web spaces (blogs, forums, facebook page, etc.). He animates the spaces by offering editorial content, offers, quizzes, quality responses to users, exchanges ... The Community Manager is also responsible for regularly checking the presence of defamatory or insulting content on community spaces. To do so, he can make use of specific legal tools.

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