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Excel - A macro to make cells blinks


I want to make a cell blink under Excel. Can this be macro or a simpler way?


-1. Select the cell
-2. Choose Style from the Format menu.
-3. In the Style dialog box, enter a new style name, such as 'Blinking'.
-4. Using the controls in the dialog box, change the style attributes.
-5. Click on OK.

This style can be applied to the cells of your choice.
Now you need to create the macros:
Dim NextTime As Date
Sub StartFlash()
    NextTime = Now + TimeValue("00:00:01")
    With ActiveWorkbook.Styles("Flashing").Font
        If .ColorIndex = xlAutomatic Then .ColorIndex = 3
        .ColorIndex = 5 - .ColorIndex
    End With
    Application.OnTime NextTime, "StartFlash"
End Sub

Sub StopFlash()
    Application.OnTime NextTime, "StartFlash", schedule:=False
    ActiveWorkbook.Styles("Flashing").Font.ColorIndex = xlAutomatic
End Sub
  • To start the blinking, just launch StartFlash
  • To stop it use StopFlash.

This tip is based on http://exceltips.vitalnews.com/Pages/T0214_Flashing_Cells.html

Thanks to Jeff for this tip.

A few words of thanks would be greatly appreciated.

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