How to limit the visibility of your Facebook profile on search engines?

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Remove your Facebook profile from search engines

There are countless examples where people have suffered from having their Facebook profile indexed on the search engines:
  • A future employer trying to learn about you.
  • Your current employer wanting to collect information against you.
  • People who want to get information about your private life
  • Your tax inspector, your mother-in-law, etc..

There are several solutions that can be implemented, to limit the visibility of Facebook profile on search engines:
  • Encrypt your name
  • Configure the privacy options

Removing your profile from search engines

This is a simple option but unknown to the general public. Once enable Facebook will tell search engines not to index your profile.
  • Sign-in to your Facebook account.
  • Click on the small arrow button > Settings.
  • Go to "Privacy".
  • Go to "Who can look me up? > "Do you want other search engines to link to your Timeline?"
  • Uncheck "Let other search engines link to your timeline".

Encrypt your name

A method increasingly being used by Facebook users: a slight change of your name.
Modify your name:
  • Jean Dujardin can be written as JeanDu Garden

Add a special character:
  • Jean Dujardin can be written as Jean Duj-ardin

Remove part of the name.
  • Jean Duj

Configure your privacy options

You can configure the other Privacy options of Facebook:
  • Who can contact me?
  • Who can see my stuff?
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