Create a visual identity for the company

April 2018

The visual identity is at the heart of communication strategies of businesses. It is a graphics that conveys the image of the company through various visible media(e.g envelopes, press kits).
It is a way to attract the attention of customers and establish your reputation/credibility with business partners or institutions.
The visual identity is the set of graphics (colors, shapes, words) that symbolize the company. It is disseminated through various communication media (cards, journals, website). As such, it will distinguish yourself from your competitors. The most known is the logo. The visual identity will promote your business in several ways: it conveys the image of your company, its services and its possible values.
To have an impact, visual identity must have a number of qualities, summarized in 4 points:
- Simplicity and clarity: the visual identity must be easy to identify.
- Represent your business: it refers explicitly to your field or operation.
- Consistency: the identity will be the same on all distribution media used.
- Difference: it is unique and must distinguish your business from others.
Several elements (some may overlap) make the visual identity: the brand name, slogan, logo, color, font and font size.
Depending on the complexity of your needs (company size, industry), you can refer to a communications agency.
To create a visual identity it is useful to observe the positioning of your company on the market and to take account of new trends. In other words, the choice of the logo must coincide with your business plan.
The visual identity will depend on your targeted audience. Not everyone will be receptive to the same type of logo, colors, etc..
Your identity can be diffused via various media channels: flyer, press release, business cards, website, logo, billboard, packaging. To choose the most appropriate support, you must take into account: the target audience and the nature of your communication project.
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