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Social Networks: 4 tools to measure your influence

How to determine the effectiveness of your actions/campaigns on social networks? Without the appropriate analysis tools, it might be difficult to assess your influence within popular social networks like Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn. To be able to initiate from other members of these platforms , it is essential to interact with opinion leaders in your field of activity/interest, who influence the behavior of "followers" (potential prospects). Several free online tools now allow you to identify these "influencers" to implement actions to optimize your actions on different social platforms.
  • Principle: a tool to assess and measure qualitatively your popularity and influence on users (including subscribers) on several social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Foursquare
  • Operation: it scans your "influence score" (score of 1 to 100), which reflects your ability to generate actions from your activities on social networks (fans, subscribers or single users). The score is generated by taking into account dozens of criteria (e.g references, subscriptions and RT on Twitter, comments and "Like" on Facebook), and puts into perspective your ability to "influence the influencers" of your network.
  • Features: in addition to the opportunity to refocus your activities around influencers and topics of interest, Klout gives information about "type of social network user you are". 16 type of profiles exist (networker, observer, opinion maker, specialist, etc..).
  • Easy grip, but the result lacks transparency.
  • Try Klout.
  • Principle: This tool measures your influence on social networks (Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn) through an index called "PeerIndex", which combines three elements: activity, audience, and authority.
  • Operation: The PeerIndex score is graded from 1 to 100, giving a seperate score for each of the themes available in the analysis tool (technology, business, media, entertainment). You can get an idea of ??your influence in your chosen field: a score above "40" indicates that you are part of the 10% of the most influential members of the theme.
  • Features: The PeerIndex dashboard produces tables and graphs that can be easily analyzed. You can also compare your score to other users.

Easy to use, it is a monitoring tool to be used occasionally.
  • Principle: This service analyse your influence while aggregating multiple accounts (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, bit.ly, Google Analytics, Myspace) and provide chronological information based on several indicators (plotted on graphs).
  • Operation: For each account, Twenty Feet analysis a set of data and parameters, and produces indicators in several categories: reputation, influence, conversations (commitment), lists, etc..
  • Features: the ability to aggregate multiple accounts to centralize access to analysis provided, and thus save time. It is possible to export the analysis data to Excel.
  • The main drawback of Twenty Feet is the loading time of the analysis, which vary according to how active you are on social networks.
  • Try Twenty Feet.
  • Principle: This tool allows you to find the influencers and "opinion makers" on a theme or topic , on the basis of their reputation and their activities on social networks, blogs, forums etc..
  • Operation: Baded on the keyword entered, "Influencer Exchange: Appinions" generates a list of influencers, companies or persons, each with an "influence score" that reflects their authority on the subject. A filter can restrict the search.
  • Feature: Easy to use and the filter feature allows you to easily refine your search.
  • Try [ http://beta.ix.appinions.com/influencerweb/main Influencer Exchange: Appinions].

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