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Voice recognition applications for Android and iOS

Applications integrating voice recognition technologies offer new opportunities for mobile professionals. Aside from Siri, one of the main applications of the iPhone 4S, many free and proprietary mobile applications make use of the voice recognition technology to meet the different needs/practices. Here is a small selection of applications available for Android and iOS devices.

Speech recognition applications: The uses

The voice recognition applications are now declined on different platform (iOS and Android, BlackBerry, Nokia, etc.)., serve different purposes and practices related to uses a mobile use:

- Make calls using for standard voice commands (search in the directory calls)
- Translation
- Web Search
- Search for addresses and routes (e.g Google Maps)
- Update your status on social networks (Facebook, Twitter)

iOS apps

General use

This free app for iOS 4.0 devices (also declined Android, Nokia and BlackBerry) is a personal assistant to perform different tasks.
Download Vlingo for iOS

Manage your contacts list

Vocalia is an application for the iPhone ($ 3.99) which allows you to select the contacts folder and launch calls, manage access to your favorites on the Safari browser, and access to the iTunes library using voice command.
It also allows:

  • Create shortcuts (voice commands)
  • To import favorites from Mac or PC
    • Compatibility: iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad (as from iOS 3.1)
    • Supports multiple languages: English, French, German, Spanish, etc..
    • Download Vocalia
  • voice Dial

This application is similar to Vocalia ($ 1.99) and allows you initiate calls by voice command. Commands must be pre-programmed for each directory name.

  • Compatibility: iPhone (iOS 2.0 and above)

Transcription: voice to text

Dragon Dictation

  • This application allows you to instantly translate a text, compose SMS, email or memo, among others via voice commands. It also allows you to update your Facebook status and send tweets.
  • Note that: Dragon Dictation requires network connectivity (WiFi or 3G/EDGE).
    • Compatibility: iPhone, iPod touch and iPad (iOS 4.0 or later).
    • Multilanguage support: including English, French, German and Italian.

Android applications

Manage your contacts list

  • Cyberon Voice Commander - (free, € 4.63).

This application allows you to initiate phone calls from the contacts stored in your phonebook.

  • Compatibility with Android 2.2 and higher

General use


  • This application (€ 0.90) allows users to perform various actions on their Android device via several standard voice commands. It allows to initiate calls, send SMS, launch a browser session, manage memos, set the tone, or enable/disable WiFi.
  • Compatibility: Android OS 2.0 and above

This application allows you to send SMS, start a browsing session and update your Facebook status.

  • Compatibility: Android 2.0.1 and higher

Google voice search

  • This free mobile application allows you to perform searches on the Google Search engine. The results appear in a browser page.
  • Download Google Voice Search.


Google Translation
In addition to the translation of classic text, this application support voice commands (17 languages ??supported).

Geolocation and mapping

Google Maps

  • This free application (beta) offers a GPS navigation system (via the internet) integrating voice control features. It allows the user to state the destination instead of typing it, thus making it the ideal mapping app for an hands-free use.
  • Download Google Maps

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