Lens cleaners

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It is always good practice to maintain the laser lens of the hardware DVD or CD drives from time to time, thereby, increasing the longevity of the disk drive of the laptop or computer. As disk drive players are not airtight, they are quite prone to dirt, dust, air contaminants & hair which tend to settle on the laser lens, thereby interfering with the good functioning of the device. Static electricity is what attracts air contaminants to the lens every time the disk drive is opened. To solve this, commercial CD cleaners with small brushes must be used on the surface of the lens. CD cleaners are available in retail computer stores, supermarkets and on the internet for purchasing.

Cleaning your CD/DVD drives

Your VCR, tape player, CD and DVD drives or CD / DVD require some little maintenance from time to time.

CD and DVD drive players are prone to all kinds of dirt, hair, dust and other contaminants from the air, which settle down on the laser lens and interfere with the laser transfer process.

Note that a disk drive is not airtight. Each time you open it to insert a disc, the laser lens is exposed to air contaminants, and the static electricity attracts dirt in the drive and the laser lens.
There are commercial CD cleaners, with small brushes to clean the laser lens surface, and this process takes only a short time and will increase the lifespan of your drive.

Sometimes you might think your drive is down and get an error message such as:
"insert a CD in your drive" or "Windows cannot run this program", etc ...

Just use a lens cleaner to clean out the drive; they can be found in supermarkets, on the internet and in computer stores.


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