BlackBerry: Share your photos, music and videos on a Samsung Smart TV

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The EnefceDMS application for Blackberry phones integrates the DLNA technology. This means that you do not need cables or other hardware components to share your media library (stored on your Blackberry phone) on the screen of your Smart TV. All you need is to download EnefceDMS on your phone and connect both devices to the same WiFi network.

On the BlackBerry phone

  • Download EnefceDMS from BlackBerry App World and install it on your phone.
  • Verify that file sharing is enabled. From the home-screen, click Options > Wireless & Networking > Media Server. Check the "File Sharing" option. In Preferences select the types of file you want to share.

On your Samsung Smart TV

  • Enter the Smart Hub menu (which display the installed applications) using the remote control of your TV
  • Click AllShare Play
  • In the main window you can select the various categories of media files that you can share and the different devices connected to your Wi-Fi network. For example, click on photos, and in the right pane click on your BlackBerry.
  • Click the Pictures folder and sub folders containing your photos shall appear.
  • Then, click on the photo you want display.
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