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Windows 8.1 - How to create a system image?

Windows 8.1: How to create a system image?

A system image is an exact copy of a drive. By default, a system image includes the drives required for Windows to run. It also includes the operating system, your files, programs and system settings. You can use a system image to restore the content of your computer if your hard disk or your computer crashes. Restoration from a system image, is done as a whole, you won't be able to choose individual items to be restored.
Procedure under Windows 8.1:
  • Press the Windows key + X > Control Panel.
  • Select the Windows 7 File Recovery.
  • Click on "Create a system image".

  • Choose the drive to perform your backup and click Next.

  • The procedure may take a few minutes.

  • Click on Start backup.
  • Once the image is created, the utility allows you to create a system recovery disc.
  • If you have not yet created it, click Yes.
  • The system recovery disk is necessary load the image to your disk.
  • The image file will be stored in a folder named WindowsImageBackup.

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