Windows 8 - Restore points are automatically deleted at each start up

April 2018


Restore points are being deleted each time you start Windows 8!

What can be done?

Go to the Metro interface > click at the bottom of the page and then click > All applications > Run.
  • Type > regedit and OK.
  • In the registry, expand the following keys.
  • Right-click on MountedDevices then select New > Key.
  • A new key is created. Name it as "Offline".
  • Right-click on the Offline key > New Value > Dword 32.
  • Name the value as: " \DosDevices\C"
  • The C/ refers to the letter of the system partition.
  • Select "Hexadecimal" and as value enter "1".
  • Close the Registry.
  • Then go to Control Panel > Recovery > Configure System Restore.
  • Disable the system restore feature and reactivate it.
  • Allocate a maximum 7-8% to the system restore feature and create a Restore point.
  • Restore points will no longer be cleared, upon restarting your PC.
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