Windows 8 - Restore points are automatically deleted at each start up

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Restore points are being deleted each time you start Windows 8!

What can be done?

Go to the Metro interface > click at the bottom of the page and then click > All applications > Run.
  • Type > regedit and OK.
  • In the registry, expand the following keys.
  • Right-click on MountedDevices then select New > Key.
  • A new key is created. Name it as "Offline".
  • Right-click on the Offline key > New Value > Dword 32.
  • Name the value as: " \DosDevices\C"
  • The C/ refers to the letter of the system partition.
  • Select "Hexadecimal" and as value enter "1".
  • Close the Registry.
  • Then go to Control Panel > Recovery > Configure System Restore.
  • Disable the system restore feature and reactivate it.
  • Allocate a maximum 7-8% to the system restore feature and create a Restore point.
  • Restore points will no longer be cleared, upon restarting your PC.

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