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Customize your text (font)

Transform your texts, have a font original, a pretty signature, customize emails, give style to your blog ... All this is possible thanks to various fonts available nowadays.

The Character Map

The Character Map allows you to copy individual characters to the clipboard, and then paste them into any (compatible) program. Depending on the program you are using (e.g WordPad, Word, Notepad), it is possible to copy characters by dragging them directly from the character table to the open document.
  • Open the Character Table: Start >Accessories> System Tools> Character Map.
  • Choose your font from the drop down menu.
  • Click on the desired character and click "Select".
  • Then click "Copy".
  • Then paste the character in your document.

Text generators

There are sites that can change the style of your text (online services). The principle is generally the same for each site.

Download and install new fonts

  • A multitude of websites offers to download fonts.
  • Download your font (normally a .zip file).
  • Unzip it by clicking "Extract files."
  • You get a folder containing a text file and the font file.
  • Put the font file (fon, .ttf or .otf)) into the "Fonts" folder ("C:\Windows\Fonts " or "C:\WINNT\Fonts".)
    • Accessible from My Computer> C:> Windows> Fonts or Control Panel> Appearance and Themes> Fonts.
  • Right-click the font file and select "Install".

Some examples of websites dedicated to handwriting fonts:
Note: When sending an e-mail or instant message, the recipient will only see the font used, when they have it installed on their PC.

A few words of thanks would be greatly appreciated.

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