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Create a Custom Radio Station with Pandora

Pandora is a free radio that generates music playlists based on your style and interests. This FAQ will walk you through the steps of creating your Pandora account for the first time, and the different ways that you can personalize your account to generate playlists that are tailored to your style.

Pandora is a great way to discover new artists and styles, and to generally expand your knowledge and appreciation of music.

Stream Free Music with Pandora

Head to Pandora.com and click on Register:

Enter your email, a password for your Pandora account, your zip code, and accept the terms of use. Then click on Register:

In the window that appears, click Continue. Next, enter an artist name, song or composer. Then click on Enter:

Pandora will begin playing music based on the song or artist you entered:

Personalize Your Pandora Station

To personalize your radio station, you can click on add variety by clicking the link provided below the name of your current radio station:

In the window that opens, enter the name of another artist, song or composer and Pandora music will provide a list of related music tracks.

Click the thumbs up to tell Pandora that you like the song you're listening and to include more similar songs to your station. By contrast, if you never want to hear a song again, you can click on the thumbs-down.

Create a New Station on Pandora

To create a new radio station, enter the name of the artist, song or composer in box labeled New Station, followed by Enter.

Pandora is currently restricted to users from the United States, New Zealand or Australia. However, there is a trick to seamlessly access the service outside of these countries. For more information, check out our "How To" article.

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