CCM - My message was removed from the forum

CCM has "Terms of use" which specify the conditions under which users of the site may post messages on the forum. In case of non compliance with theTerms of use your message will be deleted by a moderator, in order to preserve the quality of discussion on the forum. The following content are to be avoided:
  • Posts which involves the copying or sharing content/files protected by copyright.
  • Messages concerning fraudulent access to paid resources (decryption of encrypted channels, serial numbers and software cracks, etc..)
  • Insulting or degrading messages
  • Irrelevant messages
  • Use your time wisely by posting a new message which complies with the terms of use!
  • If you really think there is a mistake, you can send a private message to moderator.
  • Moreover, the presence of a public website URL, an email address in a message or as a nickname, is highly questionable and may also represent a potential danger to the message sender, the moderators reserves the right to remove such messages.
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