WordPress for iOS: A simplified management of comments

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Automattic, the company responsible for the development and distribution of Wordpress blogging software, announces a new update to the WordPress application for iOS. It allows users to manage the comments on their blog hosted on Wordpress.com in real time and it also allows you to be promptly notified for each interaction with your content.

Version 3.4 of WordPress for iOS introduces several features designed to facilitate the management of a WordPress blog (hosted on wordpress.com). It now allows users to receive real-time notifications about the different actions performed on their WordPress blog: new comments, new followers, or recommendations for an article.

Mobile users now have the ability to moderate comments shared on their WordPress blog, or reply directly to them, from the mobile application.

Notifications are grouped in a separate flow of activities, dedicated exclusively to the management of comments, regardless of the blog.

WordPress 3.4 for iOS

Original document published on CommentcaMarche.net.

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