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Crucial M4 - How to remove the 5200 hours bug?

The first buyers of the Crucial m4 SSDs may face an annoying bug.
  • With the original firmware of the controller, the Crucial m4 crashes after about 5200 hours of use, resulting in a crash if the operating system. 5200 h represents seven months of continuous use.
  • The M4 was first released in June 2011 and it is likely that many non-professional users will face this problem shortly ....
  • The SSD is still operational (after reboot), but will stop every hour after the first appearance of the bug. The most common symptom is a BSOD with the code 0x00000F4.
  • In principle, no data is lost (except for those who have not been saved before a crash).

All M4 models with firmware version prior to 309 are being targeted:

- 64 GB m4 (CT064M4SSD2)
- M4 128GB (CT128M4SSD2)
- M4 256GB (CT256M4SSD2)
- 512 GB m4 (CT512M4SSD2)
- Super Slim 64GB m4 (CT064M4SSD1)
- Super Slim 128 GB m4 (CT128M4SSD1)
- Super Slim 256 GB m4 (CT256M4SSD1)
- Super Slim 512 GB m4 (CT512M4SSD1)

The solution: Update the firmware.
Link to download the latest firmware versions: The latest version is 040h.

Note that:

  • If the SSD is connected a desktop PC, check if it is connected to a native SATA chipset (Intel or AMD).
  • These are generally numbered from 0 to 3. This ensures proper detection of the SSD by the update tool.
  • If this is not the case (if the SSD controller is a Marvell or Jmicron ..etc), then you must connect it to the native controller, if the detection of the SSD fails.

As for UEFI BIOS: When validating the firmware, the firmware updater tool may not recognize the SSD on some systems using UEFI. The target disk is not recognized as being valid for an update on reboot. In this case, the firmware will not be updated and you will retain the original version (For now Crucial does not offer any solution for this issue).

The Update Procedure

  • The downloaded firmware (Windows 7 and 8) is in the form of file. Zip (archive).
  • Extract and copy the update utility on your desktop and double-click the icon to launch the utility
  • Once the loading is complete, the pc will restart and a screen displaying the different disks that can be updated shall appear.
  • Once the Crucial M4 is detected, the software will request to update the latter.
  • Type "yes" in lowercase and confirm.
  • The update ends with the following message:

Current firmware is: xxx 


A: \>

If the operation is successful, the PC will restart
  • Simply check if version is up to date (using crystaldiskinfo).
  • The full procedure is explained by Crucial: here

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