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How To Create Desktop Shortcuts for Your Favorite Websites

Creating desktop shortcuts to access your favorite websites is really easy. Once created, desktop shortcuts can help to optimize your web browsing time by quickly getting you to the content that interests you.

What is the Purpose of a Desktop Shortcut?

A desktop shortcut of a webpage is useful if you often visit a given website and would like to be able to access it at the click of your mouse. You can also use a shortcut to bookmark an interesting page that you would like to revisit.

Creating a Desktop Shortcut

Via the Desktop

Right-click on the desktop, select New > Shortcut, and paste the URL in the Location of item field:

Click Next, then give a name to the shortcut, and click Finish.

Via a Web Browser

Open your web browser and go to the website of your selection. Simply drag the website's favicon (or the small icon displayed in front of the http) and drop it on your desktop to create a shortcut:

Regardless of the method used, when you double-click on the shortcut, the webpage always opens in your default web browser. This process is identical across web browsers, including Google Chrome, and Firefox.

On Mac

Creating a desktop shortcut of a website is fairly straightforward on Mac. Simply open your browser, and go to the webpage that you would like to save onto your desktop.

Next, highlight the contents of the URL bar, and drag and drop them onto your desktop:

This procedure is identical for Firefox and Chrome when using Mac.

Deleting a Desktop Shortcut

It is quite easy to delete a desktop shortcut that you have created. You can simply right-click on the shortcut from your desktop, and click Delete. The good news is that, even if you delete the shortcut, you will still be able to access the site via the classic route of typing its URL into your web browser's URL box.

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