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How to install a microphone in Windows XP

Microphones with head sets are very useful to communicate with via G Talk or Skype. However, when the microphone gets connected to the PC using XP as the OS, it could fail to get recognized by the system. More frustrating is the fact the microphone might not come with any installation CD or drivers. Users have to install the hardware on the system. On the Windows XP Control Panel, the voice tab of sounds and audio devices has to be selected to allow the computer to scan the hardware and eventually install it.
You may need a microphone with a headset to use on Gtalk or Skype. If you are having trouble connecting your microphone, the following advice may help:
  • Open the Start menu
  • Then open the Control Panel
  • Click on Sounds, Voice and Audio Device
  • Click the voice tab
  • At the bottom of the window is an option to test your equipment
  • Click Next and wait for the computer to scan and install your hardware
  • Click Finish
  • Your hardware is now installed.

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