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Songdrops - Your online social music library

Songdrops is a social network dedicated to the music. It works on the same principle as Pinterest, but instead of pinning imag, you'll need "drop" your audio tracks .

If you like browsing the web looking for new songs, Songdrops is for you. This social network allows you to bookmark audio tracks and organize a music library from music found on sites like Youtube or Soundcloud.

How does it works?

First you will need to create an account: https://songdrop.com/users/new

You will be provided with a "Drop it" button, that will be installed on your browser.
A simple click on this button will allow you to update your Songdrop profile with new music tracks,
You can then create "mixes" (playlists) to store your music.

Songdrops, like any other social network allows you to follow other users, listen to their "drops", like and share them..etc

Discover Songdrops: https://songdrop.com/recent

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