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VBScript - The keywords

The keywords

VBScript has five keywords corresponding to specific values ??for the variables.

The Empty the keyword

The Empty the keyword corresponds to the uninitialized state of a variable, that is to say that the variable exists but does not yet have a value.
dim MyVariable   'uninitialized variable 
MyVariable="toto"   'variable initialized with the string "toto" 
x=empty   'uninitialized variable

The Null keyword

The Null keyword, is not to be confused with Empty keyword. It corresponds to a value of an invalid variable.

The Nothing keyword

The Nothing keyword, when assigned to a variable (or more generally an object) can destroy it, and then release the resources used.

set MyVariable=Nothing  

The keywords True and False

The keywords True and False are boolean values??, that is to say, they are used in conditional operations whether a condition can either be true or false. True corresponds to the value 1. False corresponds to the value -1.

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