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Windows 7 & Vista - Change the brightness of your monitor

Issue: Loss of brightness on laptops

The screen of my laptop has become less bright. How to restore the default brightness level?


Under Windows 7 or Vista simultaneously press Windows Key + X. You shall get the following window:

Adjust the brightness level using the slider button,

On most laptops, there exist keyboard shortcuts to change the brightness. For example:
  • HP models: Fn + F7 to increase brightness or Fn + F8 to decrease it
  • IBM ThinkPad: Fn + Home and Fn + End
  • Asus: Fn + F6 to increase brightness and Fn + F5 to decrease it.

You can easily identify these shortcuts just by searching the keyboards. Brightness is represented by small sun icons. But sometimes it is necessary that the appropriate driver is installed for these buttons work!

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