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VBScript - Component Object Model

Microsoft COM (Component Object Model) is a standard for defining API object, that is to say, allowing applications to communicate through objects possessing a certain number of public methods and properties. ActiveX objects are a special type of COM objects.

COM provides mechanisms for links between applications, including:
  • dynamic links between applications, called as OLE (Object Link and Embedding).E.g, they allow you to link a spreadsheet file in a document
  • automation mechanisms, to take control of a remote application.
  • mechanisms for message exchanges between dynamic applications, called DDE (Dynamic Data Exchange).

Many applications have a COM interface to invoke their functionality via a computer program:
  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Access
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • etc..

Access to COM objects

With COM objects, it is possible to extend the VBScript opportunities by creating instances of objects created by third parties and providing a number of services.
VBScript defines two methods to instantiate a COM object:
CreateObject creates a new instance of a program with a COM interface and run the program if it is not already open. For example, to open the Excel program:
Set spreadsheet = CreateObject("Excel.Application")

GetObject can invoke a program which is already opened or from a file created with this application. For example:
Set monDocument = GetObject("c:\report.doc")


A few words of thanks would be greatly appreciated.

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