PHP - Installation under Windows (EasyPHP)

Installing EasyPHP

For PHP to work, it is necessary to download the sources from a specialized site ( and then compile them to create an executable file (requires some advanced computing knowledge). An easier method exists, EasyPHP is a package containing the 4 essential elements of PHP:

  • The Apache Web server
  • The PHP4 scripting engine
  • The MySQL database
  • A graphical tool for managing your database: Phpmyadmin

EasyPHP is a software pack running under the Windows OS, containing all the elements required to run a dynamic website developed in PHP!

Download EasyPHP

The EasyPHP package is available on the following websites:

You can also download the latest version of EasyPHP at this address:

Install EasyPHP

The installation of EasyPHP is very simple, especially since version 1.4 with introduced an automatic installer.
To install EasyPHP, double click on the downloaded file (EasyPHP-x.x.x.x-setup.exe) and follow the instructions
It may be that during installation the installer tells you the following error
This error indicates that the library msvcrt.dll can't be be copied. The reason for this error is that your system is currently using this library and therefore can not overwrite it. To remedy this:

  • Download: on your desktop.
  • Open a command prompt and type the following command: "copy c:\msvcrt.dll c:\windows\system".
  • Confirm overwriting of the dll file with the Y key.
  • Restart your PC.

Start EasyPHP

To start Apache, MySQL and PHP, simply launch EasyPHP from the start menu:
To check if EasyPHP work, you just type the following in the address bar of your browser:

Both addresses above representing your local machine.

Edit your site

To create your dynamic website with EasyPHP, simply submit your creations /www subdirectory of EasyPHP.
For example, create a text file containing the following:



Then rename the file as phpinfo.php3 and drop it in the /www subdirectory.
You can now view the results at the following address:


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