VirtualBox - Sharing a Windows directory under Ubuntu

First make sure that the Virtualbox guest additions are installed: read this FAQ

Creation of the shared folder in VirtualBox

  • Open VirtualBox
  • Select the machine of your choice (the one concerned by the sharing).
  • Click on the Preferences menu
    • In the left pane, click on Shared folders
    • Then click Add a new shared folder (right
    • Select your directory and click Ok
      • Assign a simple name to it.
  • Click OK again to close the preferences window.

Mounting the shared folder on Ubuntu

  • Boot your machine normally .
  • Go to Applications> Accessories> Terminal.
  • To create the folder to be mounted, type the following:
    • mkdir path_to_folder (mkdir /home/spe2d/Bureau/tuto_ccm)
  • Type sudo -s to go as root and enter your password.
  • Now to mount the shared directory:
    • mount -t vboxsf name_given_to_folder_under_VirtualBox /path_to mount-directory (mount -t vboxsf documents /home/spe2d/bureau/tuto_ccm)

Your shared directory is now active.

To unmount the shared directory

  • Boot your machine normally
  • Go to Applications > Accessories > Terminal
  • Type the following command :
    • umount path_to_mounted_directory (umount /home/spe2d/Bureau/tuto_ccm)

Note that : this tip also works with other Linux distributions
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