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How to make a corporate video?

The video is a modern tool for promoting products and services on the internet. By broadcasting videos of your business on the internet, you can attract new customers and partners. The creation of a corporate video will also regroup employees of the company around a rewarding project .

  • Promote your brand and improve your visibility on the internet. Your corporate video is a visual identity of your business. With video distribution platforms like Youtube or Dailymotion and social network (Facebook, LinkedIn), your company will gain visibility on the web.
  • The creation of a corporate video is a team activity, which will improve the professional relationships between employees.

The creation of a corporate video does not require deep technical knowledge. With the right equipment, you can easily create a high quality. You need two tools:

  • A Digital camcorder.
  • Video editing software.

You must choose a theme for your video: products and services, innovation, your business premises, recruitment method..etc

  • Three important things you must keep in mind:
    • Define target audience for the corporate video?
    • What topics/places will be present in the videos?
    • The people involved in the video (Staff and partners)
  • The length of the video: Do not exceed 1m30 s. Short videos usually have more impact (viral effect).
  • Video or slideshow? If you are out of time or inspiration, you can make a "photo album/slideshow" instead.

The Lip Dub is a popular type of video presentation.

  • Advantage: these type of videos usually gather a larger number of fans
  • Disadvantage: The filming and editing of this type of video is complicated.

  • Once your video is created, you will need to promote it. Either qualitatively (target online communities) or quantitatively (make it accessible to the greatest number of people)

  • Publishing your video on the popular video streaming platforms is an effective way to present your business to the general public. Visitors can rate your video, comment it and improve its ranking.

  • The video can be displayed on the Homepage of the company website. Visitors can discover your business in a fun way.

  • To better target your audience, you can use more qualitative means of promotion:
  • Locate blogs/ discussion forums related to your field of activity: In the comments sections or discussion topics, add the links pointing to your corporate video on YouTube,
  • Through social networks dedicated to internet profesionnels (Linkedin, Viadeo).

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