Twitter - How to generate a widget?

For all Twitter users who want to display their latest tweets online or on various websites, Twitter allows you to create in a few clicks, a widget that will display (using JavaScript), all your latest tweets ...
If your tweeter account is synchronized with other social media, they will also be displayed, even if they contain images or other content.
You can access the widget generator directly from your personal space.
  • Go to your Twitter and login to your accound
  • Click the configuration settings.
  • Select 'Settings'.
  • In the column on the left, click on 'Widgets'.
  • Click on 'create a new'.
    • User name: It is recommended to let your current username ...
    • Optional with or without answers: Select.
    • Height: the height required to display all your tweets in the widget (scroll bar can be added too).
    • Theme: two choices for now: light or dark.
    • Option to automatically extend the photos': Select.
    • Link color: customize by entering a code color (default: blue).
    • Domains: Enter one or more domains (without http://) for which you want to view tweets.
    • Then click on the "Create widget" button and save the changes.

Your new widget is created (it can be edited via the same page) and you also get in the box is just below a JavaScript code that can be inserted on your blog or website.

The display of the tweets will evolve according to your new publications and in real time.

Source and demonstration: how to create a twitter widget?
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