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GNOME applications list

The GNOME desktop applications


The programs are classified by the GNOME menu.
Note that the name is written as it is in the Gnome menu, not as name of the application itself.
These are just entries in a menu, so the chosen name is (translated) by the developers of the distribution.

GNU / Linux Debian, there are no major differences with other distributions.

Between brackets [] is the command (which is the name of the application) to enter if you want to start the application from a terminal.

Some commands must be run as root, but you can use the command gksu to remain in the GNOME environment.


On-Screen Keyboard

[Gok] - visual keyboard


[Dasher] - Dasher is an application of predictive text

Magnifier and screen reader

[Gnopernicus] - screen reader and magnifier for the GNOME desktop

II. Accessories

Buoh Online Comics Reader

[Buoh] - drive online comic


[Gcalctool] - Calculator with financial and scientific modes

CHM Viewer

[Gnochm] - viewer for help files. Chm


[Gnome-dictionary] - Look for words in a dictionary online

Alacarte Menu Editor

[Alacarte] - Menu Editor

Text Editor

[Gedit] - a small text editor, light, for the GNOME desktop

GNOME Commander

[Gnome-commander] - file manager for the GNOME desktop


[Gdesklets shell] - system applet for GNOME desktop


[Gitens] - Japanese dictionary for GNOME

Guide to the Bible GnomeSword

[Gnomesword2] - GnomeSword2 is a tool for research and study of the Bible based on the SWORD Project

Motd Editor

[Motd-editor] - GNOME tool to design messages of the day

Search & Indexing

- Free software for indexing data on a computer, to facilitate research on various types of documents


Passwords and Encryption Keys

[] - Key Management Encryption

Password Manager

[Gpass] - Password Manage

Post of the blog entry

[Gnome-blog-poster] - utility to post an entry in a web log

Take a screenshot

[Gnome-screenshot] - screenshot

Revelation Password Manager

[Revelation] - application for managing passwords for the GNOME desktop


[Sagasu] - GNOME tool chains seeking in files


[Stardict] - StarDict is an international dictionary for GNOME


[Gucharmaps] - GNOME Character Map-based database of Unicode character

III. Applications

gnotepad +

[Gnp] - text editor

Address Book

[C2addrbook] - Address Book

IV. Office

AbiWord Word Processor

[Abiword] - word processor

Database Administrator Merge

[Merge] - administration SQL database


[evolution] - mail client and calendar


[gaby] - Database Manager Personal

Gaby Builder Databases

[gabybuilder] - Utility to create databases for gaby

Alexandria Book Collection Manager

[alexandria] - collection manager for books

Project Manager

[planner] - tool for project management

Facsimile GFax Sender

[gFax] - fax software

gLabels Label Designer

[glabel] - creation of labels and cards

GnoTime Tracking Tool

[gnotime] - organizer of TODO lists, diaries, billing system


[gramps] - Management of genealogical information, optimization of research and analysis

Pybliographic Bibliography Manager

[Pybliographic] - graphical utility for bibliographic databases

Gnumeric spreadsheet

[gnumeric] - compatible with spreadsheet software and OpenOffice.org. Xls

ToDo list

[gtodo] - manager lists tasks

V. Education

Chemical Calculator

[Gchemcalc] - simple calculator for chemists

Chemical structures editor GChemPaint

[Gchempaint] - publisher of 2D chemical structures

GNU Solfege

[Solfege] - Solfege is a free program of solfege ear training

Oregano electrical engineering tool

[Oregano] - capture and simulation of electronic circuits

Periodic Table of the Element

[Gchemtable] - the periodic table of chemical elements

View molecules

[Gchem3d-viewer] - displays molecular structures in three dimensions

VI. Graphics

Dia diagram editor

[Dia-gnome] - Print charts

GIMP Image Editor

[Gimp] - image editor

GNOME Icon Editor

[Gnome-iconedit] - icon editor

GNOME Photo Collector

[Gphotocoll] - utility to classify and view photos and images using a PostgreSQL database

GNU Paint

[Gpaint] - drawing tool

Inkscape SVG Vector Illustrator

[Inkscape] - creating and editing images Scalable Vector Graphics


[Plotdrop] - minimal frontend for Gnuplot

Webcam viewer Camorama

[Camorama] - View, edit and record images of a webcam

Image Viewer

[Eog] - image viewer

Image Viewer gThumb

[GThumb] - image viewer

VII. Internet


[balsa] - mail client

Blam Feed Reader

[blam] - RSS reader

Cronos II

[cronos] - mail client
Discussion IRC Xchat-GNOME
[xchat-gnome] - IRC client

Drivel journal editor

[drivel] - editor of online journal


[etherape] - graphical network browser
[gksu-u root Etherape]


[freeloader] - download client written in Python


[gabber] - IM client Jabber


[gtp] - graphical FTP client


[gnome-GGZ] - client for GGZ Gaming Zone


[gnoemoe] - MOO client for gnome

GNOME BitTorrent

[gnome-btdownload] - BitTorrent client


[gnome-ppp] - phone connection utility


[grcm] - connection manager to the distance

Greenwich Whois Client

[greenwich] - WHOIS client


[gstm] - interface to manage tunnels with SSH port forwarding

Gwget Download Manager

[gwget] - frontend for popular command wget (Download file)

Cyrus IMAP gyrus Administrator

[gyrus] - manager for administering server Cyrus IMAP

Pan reader forum

[pan] - tool to read Usenet newsgroups

Liferea, feed reader

[liferea] - feed reader

Instant Messaging Gossip

[gossip] - IM client Jabber

ICQ instant messaging GnomeICU

[gnomeICU] - ICQ client

Epiphany Web Browser

[epiphany] - web browser

Galeon Web Browser

[galeon] - GNOME browser Mozilla derivative

Remotedesktop Client

[grdesktop] - client connection to the remote frontend for rdesktop

Ekiga Softphone

[ekiga] - IP Telephony, VoIP and videoconferencing (see GnomeMeeting)


[straw] - drive flows


[telegnome] - displays teletext pages from the Internet

VIII. Games

Solitaire AisleRiot

[sol] - Solitaire Game


[gnome-chess] - 2D and 3D OpenGL Chess


[gnome-sudoku] - Game Grid


[mahjongg] - version solitaire game Mah-jong


[gnomine] - the popular logic game: Minesweeper


[gnibbles] - set of worm game for GNOME

Five or more



[gnobots2] - game based on classic BSD robots


[gnect] - game for GNOME, a game built with Giuliano Bertoletti's Velena Engine for artificial intelligence.


[same-gnome] - Clear the screen by removing groups of colored balls


[gnometris] - puzzle games


[gtali] - A type of poker with dice


[iagno] - A set of pieces of rolling derivative Reversi


[gnotravex] - a simple puzzle where the pieces must be positioned so that the same figures touch


[gnotski] - puzzle game


[blackjack] - casino game Blackjack

IX. System Tools


[gnome-schedule] - administration tasks

Change password

[gchangepass] - password manager, frontend for the passwd command

Bacula Console

[ bacula-console-gnome -c /etc/bacula/gnome-console.conf ] -Bacula Console

Configuration Editor

[ gconf-editor ] - Configuration Editor


[ eiciel ] - ACL management, visualization and editing

Floppy Formatter

[gfloppy] - tool to format floppy discs

Keyring manager

[ gnome-keyring-manager ] Simple key management

Gnome Apt Software Manager

[ gksu /usr/bin/gnome-apt ] - GNOME frontend for APT (Advanced Package Tool in Debian)


[ gpgp ]- frontend for GnuPG


[gparted] - partition editor

System Monitor

[ gnome-system-monitor ] - tools to view running processes and monitor system status

Multi GNOME Terminal

[ multi-gnome-terminal ] - Terminal

File Browser

[ nautilus ] - file browser

New Connection

[ gdmflexiserver ] - tool to connect with another user account without logging off the session

New Connection in a nested window

[ gdmflexiserver --xnest ]

Network tools

[ gnome-nettool ]- tool for network information

Lokkit Firewall

[ /usr/sbin/gnome-lokkit ] - configuring firewall


[ gksu -u root /usr/bin/foomatic-gui ] - Universal system for configuring printers for GNOME

System Log Viewer

[ gnome-system-log ]-System Logs Viewer

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