Puush - Easily share your screenshots online

April 2018

Puush.me is an online service, which allows you to instantly share your screenshots online. It simplifies the sharing of image files, by automating several processes; upon pressing on the appropriate key combination, the tool will seamlessly take a screenshot, upload it to a personal online storage area (200Mb in its free version) and generate a short URL for your screenshot (like this: http://puu.sh/2oegO). You can then share this URL with your friends/contacts by mail, instant messaging or on Twitter!
  • The next step involves the download and installation of the puush application: http://puush.me/ (version for MacOS and Windows exist).
  • Once installed Log-in to the application:
  • Click on "OK, I've got it" to close this window. Puush, runs in the background and can be configure via the dedicated system tray icon..

Now the tool is ready for use!
  • The key combinations to take screenshots are as follow:
    • CTRL + SHIFT + 2 - take a screenshot of active software window and generates a URL for it.
    • CTRL + SHIFT + 3 - take a screenshot of your desktop and generates a URL for it.
    • CTRL + SHIFT + 4 - take a screenshot of a specific area of your desktop.
    • *CTRL + SHIFT + U - Allows you to puush (upload and create URL) an image file.

After each successful puush.. a small tray notification will be displayed and the URL will automatically be copied to your clipboard.
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