Pamela for Skype - Create custom Skype moods

April 2018

Pamela for Skype Basic allows you to easily create custom Skype moods, using the font of your choice, custom images, hyperlinks, blinking text effect..etc

Here's how this feature works:
  • Open Pamela for Skype
  • Click on Tools > Rich Mood Editor.
  • The editor window shall open:
  • Click on the "Get rich mood from Skype" button to retrieve your current Skype mode:
  • Edit it to your convenience (choosing the font , font size ..etc)

To add a blinking effect to part of your text:

    • Highlight the text and click on the "Blink" button:

To add a Link (URL) to your mood:

    • Highlight the text and click on the "Link" button.
    • A Small dialog shall open up, simply add the URL of your choice in the "Link" field and click on save:

Once your mood is created, click on the "Set rich mood to Skype".

Open Skype to check the results:
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