Pamela for Skype - Create custom Skype moods

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Pamela for Skype Basic allows you to easily create custom Skype moods, using the font of your choice, custom images, hyperlinks, blinking text effect..etc

Here's how this feature works:
  • Open Pamela for Skype
  • Click on Tools > Rich Mood Editor.
  • The editor window shall open:
  • Click on the "Get rich mood from Skype" button to retrieve your current Skype mode:
  • Edit it to your convenience (choosing the font , font size ..etc)

To add a blinking effect to part of your text:

    • Highlight the text and click on the "Blink" button:

To add a Link (URL) to your mood:

    • Highlight the text and click on the "Link" button.
    • A Small dialog shall open up, simply add the URL of your choice in the "Link" field and click on save:

Once your mood is created, click on the "Set rich mood to Skype".

Open Skype to check the results:

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