MySQL - Installation under Windows

April 2018

Since version 3.23.19, MySQL is licensed under GPL (both under Linux and Windows), which means it can be used for free.

MySQL for Windows is available for free download on

SiteFile (pour Windows 95)

The second file is only needed for Windows 95. It will allow you to install the ODBC drivers (.dll files) for MySQL.
The installation is not complicated, just read the onscreen instructions
Once installed, launch MySQL is from a MS-DOS window:
  • mysqld (or mysqld-opt) or
  • mysql-shareware (depending on your version).

--language=french allows, for example, to have the MySQL messages in French.
--skip-grant-tables prevent the use the MySQL privileges.
--skip-name-resolve to never resolve hostnames.
--port=3306 to specify the port number.
Here is an example command line to start MySQL:
c:\mysql\bin\mysqld-opt --skip-name-resolve --skip-grant-tables
--language=french --port=3306

To close MySQL:
C:\mysql\bin\mysqladmin -u root shutdown
It may be practical to create two batch files (.bat extension) in the MySQL bin directory to run the above commands.
E.g cmysql.bat and fmysql.bat

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