How to read a .DAA file?

Direct Access Archive, or in short, DAA, is very useful for compressing dataand also for splitting files. DAA has a file extension name of .daa that is essentially an archive file format. This file format can split the file into smaller files and it aids in easy download and also helps save space. A decoder is essential to break the files and put them back together. PowerISO is a useful software to read .daa files.

DAA is the acronym for Direct Access Archive and is used mainly for data compression and file splitting. Like .bin and .cue files, the .daa extension is an archive file format that can be used to divide a movie file into smaller files to facilitate the downloading process. These smaller files are then put together again ofter they have been downloaded. To be able to break the file into smaller parts, you will need to use a decoder that will break up and put the file together again. You can mount this type of file directly like an ISO or BIN file.

The most common software used for this purpose is PowerISO.
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