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Telepresence in businesses

This new communication tool is based on a sophisticated infrastructure (plasma screen, high-definition sound and video) to create a virtual communication interface.The goal: to make communication more fluid and consistent. It is a high-end tool for decision makers of large companies for whom the quality and integrity of the message are fundamental.

Telepresence, how does it work?

Telepresence provides a online video communication technology that connects users via high-definition screens. The "virtual" aspect of this type of communication is extremely realistic.

Telepresence is based on a heavy architecture. The installation is custom and it can only be implemented if the business possesses the necessary resources
and only if the technological and material resources of the business permit (IT, space, etc.).

Before installation, the service provider shall give a precise assessment of material needs. A large meeting room and access to high-speed Internet are among basic requirements. A set of components is then added and configured to make the system operational: screens, codecs, cameras, lights, microphones, speakers, etc..

Telepresence,, the features

The use of non-verbal language

According to research conducted by the American researcher ,Judee K. Burgoon, 60% of communication is non-verbal. This is the gap that telepresence wants to close in capturing the tone, facial expressions and body language of the users: all these elements enhance communication and understanding of the message.

Productivity gain

The tool promotes interaction, favors consistent remote exchanges and solving of complex problems. It is also a way to reduce the use of "time consuming" modes of communication, such as the email.

Cost reduction

The widespread use of this technology will help to reduce transportation costs.

Help in decision-making

During strategic meetings, company executives gather around a virtual office, helping to contextualize the subject of debate. This environment accelerates the validation of ideas and strategic decisions making.

Telepresence: for whom, under what circumstances?

What types of businesses?

Given the investment, telepresence is for large and very large structures whose activities require the implementation of high-end equipment: for example, multinational corporations...etc

What are the applications?

Telepresence can be used in different professional contexts:
- Interview, survey and sales support
- Expertise and advice
- Business seminars
- B2B and B2C

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