CCM - Add / edit an article in the Knowledge Base

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Contributors main function is to add or modify the FAQ's articles, in the different sections of CCM:

Before adding any new article, have a search in the FAQ or How To, to avoid creating duplicate.
  • Open the FAQ
  • To add a new article, click on the green button "Add a new article", at the top of the page:

  • To modify an article, click on the blue button "Edit" at the top of the article's page:

  • This is the interface to create articles :

Title: Title of the article

Category: to put the article in the category it depends among 17 categories and subcategories

Insert a picture: to insert images, read this article

Article: to add or modify the article (text, images, videos). Tools for formatting (bold, italic, underline, code ...) are available over the field

Suggested links: during the writing, links are suggested for you to accept if they help understanding the article

Comments: to describe any modification done in the article, it appears in the history of the article.

Preview: berfore to record your article or your modifications, you have to preview it. Take the opportunity to check it. Several choices are available:

Save: to save your article in the FAQ

Back to editing: to modify the article during wrinting, if the preview need it.

Close: The article is not recorded, but always in preview. To continue to modify it, click on the blue button "Edit"

Usage: If you want to modify the content of an article primary written by an other contributor, you have to contact him berfore to modify it.

Tip: you can read the "History" tab, containing all the versions of this article, and the comments of any modifications.

By clicking on "Show", you can read each version of the article

The tab Differences, which appears when you are showing a version of the article, indicates each modification made in this version