Synchronize mail, calendars and contacts across multiple devices

April 2018

The proliferation of mobile devices and terminals, requires the ability to recover information at any moment and from anywhere. Through synchronization of all our accounts, data can simultaneously be accessed and updated on all terminals.
Data synchronization with Google account is possible from all operating systems. All the information (mail, contacts, calendars) stored on your Mac, Blackberry smartphone and a tablet running Android can synched.

In the case of a iOS mobile device, the procedure is as follows:
  • Go to Settings, then select "Mail, Contacts, Calendars"
  • In the "Add Account", click on "Microsoft Exchange"
  • Fill in the fields with the user name (the part before the @ in the email address), the password of the account and the server.
  • Select the synchronization of mail, contacts and calendars.

For devices running Windows Phone, use the above procedure.
For Android device, the procedure is more simple,as the operating system being run by Google. Go to "Settings" section and add an account.
  • Synchronization of different data type is the default.

Note that: the synchronization procedure is similar for other mail clients, such as Hotmail.
iCloud is a free service for synchronizing data across multiple devices (only for iOS). If iCloud account already exists, with data saved on it, a simple connection to the account is required to sync data. Conversely, it is necessary to create an account and accept data sharing. Once the account is set up, simply select items to synchronize.
Blackberry has a specific software to recover data from a computer: Blackberry Desktop Manager.
Some applications like Evernote allow backup and synchronization of documents, images and notes across multiple devices.

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