Facebook Page - How to Get a Custom URL (Vanity URL)

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When you create a Facebook Page it is most likely to have a lengthy and complicated URL, like the link below:

Instead of having a URL made up of a random string characters, it is possible to obtain a simple and meaningful URL, like this one http://www.facebook.com/commentcamarche.

A custom URL (also known as Vanity URL) can help to improve the visibility of your Facebook Page and promote your personal brand.

For a Facebook Page to be eligible to receive a custom URL it must have at least 25 fans.

You can apply for a Vanity URL at this address: http://www.facebook.com/username/

Remember to keep the URL short and meaningful. Use only letters, numbers and the dot character to create the URL as no special characters are allowed. Don't use a registered trademark name, unless you own it.

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