Manage ports on a Cisco 2950 switch

The aim of this article is to present an approach to management of ports via SNMP for a Cisco 2950 switch, both in terms of security (highly secure password) and access level to the MIB (Management Information Base).

Tools required

This procedure will require two terminals running Windows XP and a Cisco 2950 switch.
  • GetIF 2.2 which provides access to the MIB
  • IPScan to scan a range of IP addresses.


At first it is necessary to define the access to the MIB of a switch or server on a network, it is mandatory that the latter has a fixed IP address!

The GetIF 2.2 and 32 IPScan softwares must be installed on the workstation used to manage the switch.

Configuring the Cisco 2950 Switch

To complete the configuration, you can use the Tera Term Pro Hyper Terminal and to have a fully configurable switch, perform a re-initialization using the following command:

Vlan configuration:

Define the parameters for synchronization:

Finally, configure the access to the MIB by enabling SNMP:

Accessing the interfaces via MIB

The MIB provides information to manage the switch and manage the parameters. and modifiable parameters.
First, check if the switch is present on the network, perform a scan with IPScan. The switch is recognized by a NetBIOS name, unlike workstations. Then we will access the MIB using GeTif.

For we shall make use of data previously configured with the switch:

Then we can use the MIB and identify all the ports (of the Cisco Switch) via the MBrowser tab:

The activation or deactivation of ports is done via the "Enums" menu:
  • up (1) - enable
  • down (2) - disable
  • testing (3) - for testing

To validate the modifications, you must click on Set.
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