Google - The Inactive Account Manager

April 2018

It may happen that you stop using one of your Google accounts and decide to create a one! Have you thought about your data? They are still stored on the Goolgle servers. Some of these data may be confidential and you do not want to share them with anyone. So it's important to delete these data, photos, emails and documents after a certain period of inactivity on your old account. The Inactive Account Manager allows you to manage the photos, emails and documents related to the a particular inactive Google acccount.
First you need to access this feature:
Be notified (on your mobile phone) when modifications are to be performed on your Google account(s).

Set a time limit, after which your Google will notify you that your account is inactive!

This option will automatically notigy your contacts (10 users) that your account is inactive. It also allows you to share data for your inactive account with them!

Automatically delete your account if all the above actions have been completed!
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