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Optimize the visibility of your PDF files on search engines

In his artice, "Eleven tips for Optimizing PDFs for search engines" Galen DeYoung offers 11 tips optimize the visibility of Adobe Acrobat files on Search engines. Here's a short summary:
  • Make sure that the content of your PDF files are in the text format (no vectorize text or a bitmap format).
  • Complete the document properties (title..etc).
  • Just like for a web page, the quality of the content is vital.
  • If you include links to websites in your documents, make sure to use the titles of relevant links.
  • Pay attention to the format versions, some search engines may not be compatible with the latest versions of Acrobat.
  • Be sure to keep a reasonable file size. If your files are too large, not all of their content will be indexed.
  • Make sure that your PDFs will be easily found by search engines, positioning them correctly in your tree.
  • The description of your PDFs in the results pages is important, choose a relevant text to be put at the beginning of your documents (like web pages, this is the technique called "front loading").
  • Specify the reading order of the components of your document.
  • Tag your PDF files.
  • Set title and alternative text for images.
  • Check all these points after each edition of your *.pdf files

Source : http://s.billard.free.fr

A few words of thanks would be greatly appreciated.

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