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Javascript - The core objects

Introduction to the JavaScript core objects:

JavaScript provides a number of standard objects, with properties and methods to perform various manipulations. These objects called JavaScript core objects, have been standardized by ECMA (European Computer Manufacturers Association) and form the basis of Javascript.

Core objects are independent of the client browser as opposed to browser objects.

Here is the list of Javascript core objects:

ArrayThe Array object as the name suggest, is used to create arrays. It has many methods to add, delete or extract elements from an array and sort them.
BooleanThe Boolean object is used to create Boolean values. Elements with two states: true and false.
DateThe Date object is used to create dates and time. It also offers methods to manipulate them.
FunctionThe Function object allows you to define custom functions.
MathThe Math object allows you to manipulate mathematical functions, such as trigonometric functions.
NumberThe Number object allows you to perform basic operations on numbers..
RegExpThe RegExp object allows you to create regular expressions.
StringThe String object provides a variety of methods for manipulating strings.

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