Urban Terror - How to add bots?


I just downloaded and installed Urban Terror 4.1 for MacOS, the problem is that I do not know how to install bots?


Note that: Bots are no longer officially supported (due to bugs) and do not work on all maps. To enable bots:

- Set /bot_enable "1" in the server.cfg or type it into the console and reload.

- Next add the bots one by one with this command: /addbot type level team ping name
  • The types are: boa - cheetah - chicken - cobra - cockroach - cougar - goose - mantis - penguin - puma - python - raven - scarab - scorpion - tiger - widow.
  • The level ranges from one to five.
  • Teams: blue and red.
  • The last two parameters are optional.

Example: /addbot chicken 3 blue 100 Mr.bot

Thanks to William4k for this tip!
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