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How to use Vine to create videos?

How to use Vine to enhance communication on social networks? This mobile application has become in a few months a powerful tool to promote products or build brand on the web, by creating original mini video clips. How to use Vine in a professional context? How to make use of the mobile application for your marketing purposes?
Some guidelines:
Vine is a mobile application available for iOS devices (iPhone, iPod, iPad), allowing you to create and share mini video clips among members of the Vine community, and social networks like Twitter and Facebook. The Vine application on the AppStore: https://itunes.apple.com/app/vine-make-a-scene/id592447445
Vine allows you to record video of up to of 6 seconds using the camera of your smartphone.

  • The clip may contain one or more sequences.
  • Recorded sequences are placed end to end: to record a sequence from the application, simply press a record button and release it to end the sequence.
  • Once completed, the clip is ready to be shared on the Vine.co hosting platform and other social networks.
  • Once online, the clip is played in a loop: a feature that is reminiscent of animated GIFs

  • The users Vine community
  • subscribers of your Facebook and Twitter pages through the sharing functionality of the application,
  • Website/blog: videos can be inserted into the web page of your choice.

  • journalists and media professionals
  • marketing professional (viral marketing)
  • community managers
  • artists
  • trainers/teachers
  • small businesses (to promote products/services: e.g restaurants)
  • independent professionals (e.g job search)

The use of Vine is free, but it requires that you to open an account (using your email address or Twitter credentials). The number of video you can upload on the platform is unlimited.
Here are some features of the application:

  • Add a geolocation tag and caption to your videos,
  • Instant video sharing on Vine.co, Facebook or Twitter
  • Easy integration to third party web pages ("embed code")

  • Prerequisite: Vine is strongly related to the use of social networks. It is important to be active on Twitter and Facebook, and to have a large community of fans/ subscribers to benefit from a viral effect of your online video.
  • Before recording your video: define the content of the video, the target, and set a specific goal in terms of communication: the video must contain an easily understandable message. Without creativity/originality, it is unlikely for the video to become viral.
  • Audio: Vine allows simultaneous recording of sound and video, so its better to avoid a noisy environment.

  • Benchmarking videos (Before / After).
  • Create a time lapse, revealing the steps of a long process in accelerated (recipe, brainstorming, etc.).
  • Consumers, users, employees:. compiling a mini-survey
  • Making a mini-tutorial
  • Promote an upcoming event (teaser)
  • Publish customer testimonials.

Vine can be use in the following context:

  • publication of a series of video clips (soap operas).
  • a competition to reward the most original video. Participation is facilitated by the very short video format and ease of use of the application.
  • The use relevant hashtags (e.g brand name) by the participants may increase the visibility of it on social networks.

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