GIMP: Remove skin imperfections from your photos

GIMP is a powerful and free image editor. Gimp has tools allowing you to tweak your photos with incredible ease.
To remove a mole, a pimple or any imperfection of the face or other body part:
  • Open GIMP.
  • You will find all the tools you need, in the toolbox to the left.
  • Load the photo on the main program window, by clicking File > Open and select the photo on your hard drive.
  • Use the magnifying glass, available in the tool box to enlarge the photo if necessary.
  • In the toolbox, select the "Healing tool" (cross-shaped icon in yellow).
  • Press the Ctrl key and select the area that you want to use to "cover" the imperfections.
  • Drag the mouse cursor over the area you want to edit.
  • Repeat the operation, until you are comfortable with the result.
  • Click File> Export.
  • Give a name to your picture and choose the destination folder.
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