How to protect the data stored on your smartphone?

Your smartphone is a personal device. It contains confidential information, personal data, log messages and web searches. How to be sure to maintain a certain level of privacy on your phone? Some advice.
The PIN code or Personal Identification Number, is the personal number that protects access to a mobile SIM card. The user must type it every time he turns on his phone. It's normally a 4 digits sequence, it is confidential and as its name suggests, "personal". Without this code, you can not access the information on the SIM card of your mobile and perform actions like:

  • To call using your package
  • To access your SIM card directory (contacts).

This code prevents the use of your phone in case of theft.

  • The following code is often used (as default): 0000
  • It is absolutely essential to chance it, the procedure is as follows:
    • Go to Settings > Security > PIN code.
    • Go Enter the old PIN and confirm.
    • Go Enter the new PIN and confirm.
    • Go Confirm and validate again.

Good practices when choosing a PIN:

  • Do not share it with anyone, it is personal,
  • Customize your PIN
  • Do not forget: after three failed attempts to enter the PIN , the phone will be locked.

On a mobile, information can be stored on:

  • the SIM card,
  • the internal memory of your phone.

The internal memory of the phone is useful for keeping the directory (even when changing SIM card).
To lock access to the information stored on the internal memory of a phone:

  • Go to the Security menu, enter the default lock code (usually 0000)
  • Change the lock code (use the same code as the PIN to facilitate memorization).

You must choose a code which is both easy for you to remember and hard to guess for others, not something obvious with only 4 digits.

  • the date of birth of someone (staff, children, parents ...)
  • any significant date
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