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Games for mobile phones - Tips and tricks

The mobile games are gaining in popularity and nowadays they demonstrate uncomparable ease of use and a quick grip. There are still some "tricks" to better enjoy your games on mobile phone.

Where to download games?

Most games developed for smartphones are available on specific platforms, such as:
  • Google Play for Android mobile phones.
  • Windows Phone Store for Windows Mobile phones.
  • The Appworld for Blackberry phones.
  • The AppStore for the iPhone.

For mobiles that don't fall within the smartphone category, it is also possible to get games on the manufacturer's website!

Compatibility with different operating systems

In general, the popular games are released for the all mobile platforms. Sometimes the game are released for a specific mobile OS and then is made available for other platforms.
The first thing is to check the compatibility of the game before installing it.

Save a game and resume it later

The interest of the game lies in the ability to pause and resume it later. To save your game:
  • Go to the "settings" or "options" and check for any option to save the game .
  • Try exiting the game, you will be prompted to save your current progress.
  • Some games, such as Angry Birds, automatically save the game progress.

Playing the same game on multiple devices, it is possible?

The use of multiple devices, may imply that you are playing games on both your tablet and smartphone. In this case, how to track the progress of a game on multiple devices?
  • Some developers offer access via a username and password. This is particularly the case of Game Center, designed for iOS devices, or Gameloft.
  • The creation of an account is required to access applications and connect from any device.

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