Facebook - The most commonly used enterprise collaborative tool

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According to a global study conducted by Avanade, a provider of business technology solutions, Facebook is the ranked first among the collaborative tool used in the business world. Facebook is followed by Twitter and LinkedIn, pushing behind the tools dedicated to the professional world, such as Microsoft Sharepoint.

The study by Avanade was conducted in 22 countries with thousands of employees, managers and IT specialists, reveals that a vast majority of companies now use social and collaborative tools to work and communicate.

Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn The results of this study, companies making use of collaborative and social tools, use Facebook twice as often (74%) than some dedicated professional tools such as Microsoft Sharepoint (39%), IBM Open Connections (17%) or Salesforce Chatter ( 12%). Twitter (51%) came second, followed by LinkedIn (45%).

The results of the study are questionable, since the scope of use of Facebook and Twitter is much broader than that of dedicated collaborative tools such as Microsoft Sharepoint.
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Jean-François Pillou

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