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ORA-00600 internal error code, arguments

Oracle programs may show the ORA-00600 internal error code. This is a generic internal error number that shows that the program has been faced with an exceptional condition. Instant shut down may cause this error. Corrupted file or crash verification data in the memory can also cause this ORA-00600 internal error code. This problem, however, can be solved. From the directories, log files can be accessed from which the cause of the error can be found and in Oracle Support , the solution can be found.

This error code is native to internal exceptions from the Oracle programs. It indicates that the process has encountered an unexpected problem. It may be due to:
  • Timeout
  • A corrupted file
  • A crash that has affected stored data
  • I/O issue "(physical memory)"

To solve this please check the ../bdump, ../cdump et ../udump directories. Check the log files that may indicate what caused the error and to send these files to Oracle Support.

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