Windows 8 - Set network as metered connection

When using a metered connection, you are limited to a certain data usage, exceeding this data limit will result in additional costs.

Windows 8 possess a small feature to make an optimal use of your metered connections. To enable this it:
  • Click on the Network tray icon
  • Right-click on the connection of your choice > Set as metered connection
  • As from now, each time you make use of the metered connection, Windows 8 will:
    • Disable the updates of Live tiles
    • Disable the synchronization of offline files
    • Pause your current downloads from Windows Store...etc

Note that: Futhermore, you can disable the download of drivers from Windows update, when using a metered connection:
  • Open the Charm Bar.
  • Click on Settings.
  • Click on "Change PC settings"
  • Go to Devices and turn off the "Download over metered connection" option.
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